The Time to Sell is Now!

    It is very important to know when the best time will be to sell your home! Every season has its reasons to put your house on the market, but the best season to sell – the summer. Here are the reasons why:

    1. Low Inventory

    There is an increasing demand for houses, but the inventory is not matching this demand. This means there is a need for more houses to be on the market, which can create a more efficient and quicker selling process.

    2. Curb Appeal Peak

    A home’s value can be boosted from an increased curb appeal, which peaks during the summertime. After all, who can overlook a home that is filled with trees and greens, and blooming flowers?

    3. More Time to Focus

    Summer is the most popular season to use vacation time. And even if you decide to not take time off from work, summer has plenty of long weekends! Selling a home can be hard work which is why having the time to invest in the process is important.

    4. More Focus Time = More Renovation Time

    One of the best ways to use that extra time implemented during summer can be to renovate. Some roof repairs, or even adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls can improve the resale value of your home.

    5. People Explore the Neighborhoods More

    With long sunny days and vacation time, people are more willing to be outside exploring the neighborhood. This will result in that “For Sale” sign being visible to many more people!

    6. Families Move in the Summer

    With the summer recess in schools, it is a much easier time to pack up and move. In addition, moving during the summer is typically much less a hassle because nobody has to deal with snow, slush, or the below freezing temperatures.

    7. Summer is the Seller’s Market

    Statistics show, that 30 to 40 percent of homes sell during the summer months. This is the largest percentage of homes selling throughout the entire year. Why? Because people have more time off and want to get settled before the school year begins again.

    Putting your house on the market during the summer months can create the potential for more showings, offers, and even a better sale price for your home! If you are deciding whether to sell now or wait, sell NOW!

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