The Best Times to Visit the Home You Want to Buy

    This may sound tedious, or unnecessary – but it’s important to know every aspect of your home! What’s happening around the home during different times, is an important quality to learn from that dream home you are set on. Also, it will give you a slice into what the future in your home will entail! Here are a few times you may want to pay a little extra attention to prior to purchasing your home:


    8 a.m.: the commute?

    Understand the traffic flows in and around your community! This could end up being a rude wake-up call to heavy morning traffic, something you would want to know of to at least prepare your mornings better! In a greater detail, learn how long each traffic light is or if you are planning on public transportation learn about the best routes!


    10 a.m.: what do you hear?

    Sure, plenty of people is off to work – but does that mean there will be peace and quiet at this time? Not necessarily, perhaps there is heavy construction happening or the car engines rattle the windows all day. If you aren’t home this won’t be in too much of a nuisance to you, but check this on the weekends too!


    3 p.m.: school is out!

    It would be good to know if school children will be cutting through your year or if traffic comes to a complete halt! Learn about the schools in the area, including how far it is from the home!


    5:30 p.m.: traffic report!

    Another good time to check the traffic in the area is around 5:30 p.m. This will tell you what rush hour is like and if it will result in coming home an hour or later than you would like. Another aspect to check during this time is learning a few the neighbor’s habits!


    9 p.m.: par-tay?

    Such an important quality in the neighborhood, the noise level late at night! Park near the home and roll down the windows and inspect the noise level! Is it the subtle sounds of cars or loud music playing? Also, a late night visit can give you a feel for how safe the streets feel after dark! If possible go into the home during this time to make sure this no intruding of street lights or other unwanted lights glowing your rooms.


    Lastly, 3 a.m.:

    This one may feel completely ridiculous, but it is good to get a feel for the sounds occurring at this time! This could be a busy time for planes or trains that would wake you or may be completely unnoticed noises. But, wouldn’t hurt to know!


    This is the home of your dreams, but before you make the final decision get a feel for the community! It’s such an important aspect of a home purchase, and by visiting during different times of the day you can learn tons about traffic or neighbors. Stop by a few times to make sure your dream home is everything you could want.

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