Kitchen Upgrades Under $3,000

    The kitchen for many is the favorite room of the house. And making it look incredible can seem like a huge chunk out of the pocket, but there a few ways to add upgrades with a budget of just $3,000!

    Adding just one new element to the room can change it drastically, and for the better. Even if the kitchen isn’t the favorite room, it should still make walking in for a fresh cup of coffee feel even better if you had some needed upgrades. Here are a few ways you can upgrade the kitchen…


    Refinish Your Cabinets

    A remodel of all the cabinets can be very expensive, even reaching to around $30,000. Although, you already have cabinets so why not use what you have and refurbish them. The average cost to do so is around $2,500. Not only a much cheaper option but can have a similar outcome of some beautiful and new cabinets! Don’t forget to set aside a little bit of the budget for updated knobs and drawer pulls.


    Replace Large Appliances

    Installing new appliances does more than just up your home’s resale value. It can also save you money – especially if you choose Energy Star-rated appliances that will slash those gas and electricity bills! New appliances should also be considered to be installed professionally to avoid any mishaps. Yes, you can get an appliance and have it professionally installed for $3,000 or less. Make sure to look for the best deals for appliances, like around Columbus Day or Veteran’s Day!


    Install New Countertops

    Stop trying to cover the countertops with fruit bowls, blenders, and whatever else…look into options to get countertops you want to show off not hide! Of course, costs will be determined by the material you want, but you can get the deed done under $3,000 and be able to have it done professionally! Look into all your options and you may be surprised by how easy installing new countertops can be!


    Time to create a kitchen from the dream you’ve always had! And do it without wiping out the bank account!

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