House Colors Can Affect Selling Potential?

    Sure, we decorate our homes to our own personal taste- whether it be the bright red in the kitchen or a brightly colored statement chair in the living room.

    However, if you are planning to sell your home, the color choices CAN affect a buyer’s view of your home. did a study and the results will be a helpful tool when preparing your home to sell.

    Here are the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to preparing your home to sell…


    Avoid these colors

    Orange, black, and violet

    Many feel these three colors snag away from the buyers’ attention. Keep these colors limited or on small surfaces.


    Think accent, not statement

    You can use bold colors to make a statement, but small doses are better than painting a whole wall.

    Leave the large surfaces neutral colors to be the backdrop for the furnishing and decor.


    Be bold – outside

    Take that bold personality to the exterior of your home, such as opting for a front door in a shade other than white.


    Feeling blue is okay

    The calming shades of blue win tons of affection from homeowners. Many favor the earthy palette rich in blues.

    Utilize these tips, when you start preparing your home to sell!

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