Cozy Updates to Get Through Winter

    The holidays were already over a month ago, and who doesn’t miss all the holiday festivities the holiday brings. Instead of leaving the home as a blank slate until the next holiday rolls around, add some with charm to your humble abode! Here are some sparkly, warm and cozy decorating ideas to get you through the rest of the winter.


    Magnolia Garland

    Garland does not have to be designated for just the holidays, this magnolia leaf garland is a great alternative and a good way to brighten up the mantle and bring some greenery into the home.


    Yarn Wreath

    A naked door lacks character, so instead dress it up with a colorful wreath that brings life to the season!


    Sweater Pillows

    This easy DIY adds a cozy winter touch to your decor, and also makes a new use for any old sweaters you don’t want to part with!


    Yarn Wrapped Pillow-cones

    Try these winter yarn-wrapped pinecones. Simply wrap a piece of yarn around the pinecones and place them in a bowl for a warm and cozy centerpiece!


    Ice Lights

    This is a great decor to replace the Christmas lights! This beautiful ice lantern takes advantage of the cold weather while illuminating the porch!

    Click HERE to learn how to make it!



    A simple way to bring back the sparkle of the holidays can be to add a great mirror. It will bring more light into the room and serve as a great replacement to the Christmas-themed mantel!


    Faux Fur

    One of the best ways to bring back some warmth can be to add a faux fur throw.


    Winter White

    There is nothing like a winter white in the form of a comfy sweater to turn your home into an ultra-cozy atmosphere.

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