Conquering the Home Office

    No matter the function of a home office, it should be there to provide a space for you to work to your greatest potential! A home office shouldn’t look boring, it should have just as much comfort to you as the living room. Here are a few tips that can help improve your home office:


    1. Find the best location.

    The home office may be where you spend a considerable amount of time. The room that is chosen shouldn’t be the smallest, windowless room. Make sure the room has life, or at least potential to bring the life. Know the environment you work best in and use that to drive the room chosen for the home office.


    2. Function, then form.

    Yes, the room shouldn’t be boring. However, be sure the items first bought will be the items you need to actually work in the home office. The desk and any piece of furniture used for storage should be there to serve you, not to just be a nice piece of art.


    3. The chair is most important.

    Find a chair that you find to be the most comfortable. This should be the piece of furniture you are most willing to spend a little extra for. If you are going to be sitting for hours on end, make sure it’s on a seat that won’t be uncomfortable or become painful.


    4. Lighting can make all the difference.

    Whether you prefer to work in a dim or bright lighting, make the office fit to your lighting of preference.


    5. Make it inspiring!

    This is just as important as any other improvement! You should be working in an environment that inspires you to work harder and better. Find a favorite quote, or some personal pictures or knick-knacks, don’t be afraid to add them! If they will improve your quality of work, through it in!

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