Bring Vacation Home!

    Summer holds plenty of memories, including those big plans for summer vacation. Whether it’s a beach, camping, or going abroad – those memories don’t want to be forgotten! Here are some clear keepsake ideas to help commemorate your adventures this summer.


    Highlight the Headboard

    Postcards are everywhere and are a great picture to bring back memories! A great way to display them – wrap them around your headboard which twine and use clothespins to pin them up!


    Design a Gallery Wall

    Maybe you want a less subtle approach to showing off your extravagant summer. Create a gallery wall; print pictures and pair them with postcards, tickets, maps, anything that related to your trip. Use frames to create a cohesive collection.


    Upcycle Those T-Shirts

    After all those t-shirts you collected, a great way to minimize the stockpile is by making them into decorative pillows.


    Pick Your Park

    A unique way of bringing the great outdoors into the home, you can draw color inspiration from your favorite national park or purchase vintage posters of your favorite landmarks.


    For the Beach

    Bring a mason jar with you to the beach to fill with small treasures like sand, sea glass, and shells. Then top the stack with tea lights to create a custom candle!


    Maps, Maps, Maps

    Maybe from all the traveling, you have developed a sense of wanderlust. Mount a vintage map to your mantel or wall where you can enjoy it every day – and to inspire your next trip.

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