Bring in the Zen

    There is nothing better than coming home to a calm, stress-free space after a long day. Here are some surprising ways to declutter, decorate, and make your place feel incredibly ‘chill.’


    1. Stop buying flowers – buy succulents instead.

    Flowers can die quickly and easily collect dust and allergens. However, succulents are super simple and can purify the air


    2. A welcome mat to make you smile and keep out the dirt.


    3. One huge candle that will last forever.

    Candles are dust collectors, and placing 12 doesn’t make the home anymore calm. Instead, choose two big candles that don’t have overbearing scents.


    4. Choose a calming color palette for walls and decor.

    One of the most important aspects to maximize the chill in your house.


    5. Decorate with the tones of nature.

    They expand the space and create a soothing and relaxed vibe.

    Enjoy some of these tips to hopefully bring in the calm, despite the chaos on the outside.

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