Become a Master at Home Decor

    Everyone wants to be the master interior designer, without taking too much from the wallet. For the majority of us, the inexpensive and wonderful decor is a true gift. Here is a list of a few inexpensive ideas that are incredibly creative and look terrific.


    1. Remove the Doors of the Top Cabinets

    For cabinets that do not feature glass doors, removing the doors from cabinets gives the same effect. Arrange dishes and other items for display. It will make space look open and makes a great decor feature.


    2. Paint Lamp Shades

    Get a cheap lampshade and paint them! Even if you aren’t the best artist there are stencils! Use an accent color or paint a unique design.


    3. Add a Faux Fireplace

    Fireplaces make a great focal point for the room. If you don’t have one, it is very easy to fake one.


    4. Stained Glass Bottles in Windows

    Stained glass is a remarkable decor feature, and you can achieve a similar effect by collecting and putting bottles on display in the windows.


    5. Use Bar Trays for a Relaxed Look

    Give the living room a more relaxed look by adding bottles, crystal containers, and other bar items on a tabletop tray.

    Just remember – the best home decor doesn’t have to be the most expensive items! Creativity outshines cost!

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