Be the Unexpected

    Stick to home decor that takes a minimal risk can be smart if you are just learning the tips and tricks to decorating the interior of a home. However, being unique and unexpected can be much easier than you may presume. Here are a few magical tips that will surprise your guests in the most appealing ways.


    Unfinished Decor

    Painting a wall can give a room that sense of fullness, but a unique twist can be taken that will establish a bohemian vibe to any room.


    A Higher View

    Typically, the focal point is at eye level, however, try lifting the view a little bit higher and see all the chins that life to view the magnificent design.


    Picture’s Don’t Need to be Hung on the Walls…

    Draw attention to pictures not just for the artistic visuals they hold, but to the distinctive visual they will give if they hang off of the ceiling.


    Wallpaper the Bookcase?

    YES! Adding wallpaper to the backboard of a bookshelf creates an amazing effect to any room.


    Use the TV as Art

    A more complex, yet simplistic idea of programming the television. When it’s not being watched, instead of leaving it as blank screen why not program it to display art?

    There are plenty of ways to add an appeal to the room that is visually pleasing but also a bit abstract. These are just a few examples to help bring out the artistic, interior designer side of anyone!

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