Be Smarter than the Flu Season

    Flu-season is in full swing, and ridding the home of germs can seem like an endless task. But it can be just as easy to show the germs the door and the flu season entirely. Follow these tips to get through one of the worst flu seasons in recent years.



    Thoroughly clean high traffic spots;

    The home is filled with places germs love to hide, such as doorknobs and countertops. Disinfecting these spots in the home frequently will be a great step in eliminating these germs that can give you a cold or the flu. Cleaners that will do the best in killing these viruses should contain ingredients like bleach, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptics with iodine, or alcohol. However, soap in warm water can be just as effective!


    Washing your hands frequently!

    Everyone in the house should be consistently washing hands. One of the most preventable methods of avoiding flu season is by consistently washing hands. This means not just washing them after using the bathroom, but by washing them when you come home, or before you prepare dinner. And if you can get yourself to be aware, avoid hand to eye or mouth contact!


    Clean the lines, weekly –

    The flu virus loves to stay in porous materials because it can live longer. Common porous materials in the home would include towels, washcloths, blankets, and linens. It is important to clean these thoroughly in hot water and dry in a hot air setting. And do not forget to wash your hands after handling them all.


    Take off the shoes!

    What may seem like a tedious task to do, can be one of the best preventable measures taken to avoid bringing in viruses into the home. Taking off your shoes before walking on the carpet and floors can greatly reduce the risk of bringing any virus inside.


    Invest in an air purifier/humidifier/diffuser.


    Buying devices specifically to increasing the air quality in the home will not only make the flu season easier but can give you a piece of mind in the air that you breathe in when at home.

    First, the air purifier. Portable air purifiers will not only create air circulation, important for inhibiting bacteria growth but will also filter the air to remove allergens and the smallest microbes.

    Next, the humidifier. During the winter time indoor humidity drops which have been shown to have higher percentages of the flu virus. Purchasing a humidifier for the home will not only lower the amount of the virus in the air but can also lower the amount of the virus on different surfaces.

    Lastly, a bit more of a luxury purchase – but will still have great benefits to avoiding the flu season, an essential oil diffuser. Numerous studies have shown essential oils such as eucalyptus, oregano, citronella, and so many others – have incredibly high antibacterial properties. Not only could you put these oils in an air diffuser – you can even put them in some humidifiers. A diffuser will not only make the home smell like a relaxing spa but will disinfect the air in the home!



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