Antique Architecture

    The beauty of real estate is seeing the intricacy and beauty of architecture in houses of all shapes and sizes around the globe. Creating living quarters that are pleasing to all eyes has been a part of civilization since the beginning! Many antique and ancient architecture are still embellished and used in homes today, so why not dedicate a gallery to some magnificent architecture from past centuries. Take the time to really appreciate the art in real estate, and even try to spot styles that are being used in modern day houses and buildings!


    The Balmoral Castle, 1857



    La Leopolda, 1931



    Villa Zicaya, 1914



    Kykuit, 1913

    New York.


    Hills & Dales Estate, 1914

    Georgia, USA.


    Halim’s Palace, 1899



    Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Mansion



    Nemours Mansion, 1909



    Biltmore Estate, 1889

    North Carolina.


    Sun Yat Sen Villa, 1880



    There are so many styles of architecture around the world, and this is just a slim variety from more recent centuries. Modern day architecture is a fusion of all of these styles shown above, and new styles are being developed each decade!

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