5 Easy Ways to Create a Green Home

    Going green goes beyond recycling glass, paper, and plastic. Protecting the environment is vital to our survival and to our pockets–energy costs are soaring and going green helps to cut these costs and keeps your family happy and healthy. Going green doesn’t have to be a costly or timely endeavor, however, and just a few small, simple changes can make a world of difference.

    1.  Switch to fluorescent lightbulbs: Fluorescent lightbulbs only use a quarter of the electricity regular lightbulbs use and last up to 10 times longer!

    2. Grow plants indoors: Many plants can act as natural filters in your home, eliminating harmful pollutants. Try filling your home with spider plants, ferns, rubber plants, and palm trees to natural clean your indoor air.

    3. Turn of the lights & unplug electronics: Use lights only in the rooms you are occupying and unplug electronics not in use. Electronics can use nearly just as much electricity on standby that they do while operating.

    4. Choose non-toxic cleaners:Eco-friendly alternatives are better for the environment as they do not expose the air to harmful chemicals and pollutants. Eco-friendly cleaners are also safer for your family, especially if you have young children.

    5. Find unique ways to reuse household items: Pinterest is loaded with ideas on how to reuse glass mason jars, cardboard boxes, and plastic bottles. Find creative ways online to turn these simple items into decor for the home or convenient storage spaces.


    Having a greener home enables you and your family to live healthier while impacting the environment. Try these few simple steps that will save you money and help save the world!

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